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India adventure travel
India adventure travel
India adventure travel
India adventure travel
India adventure travel
India adventure travel
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How do you like to travel?

What do you prefer  – a typically standard India tour … ... or...
... a India Holiday designed, customized and tailor made just for you ?

 “In India travel only as You desire to

        ... on personalized India tours tailor made just for You”

(yes …. it’s best to see India only through quality value tours designed for You)

  • Would you like to travel in India assured your travel objectives are achieved?
  • And that your concerns like comfort, health, food, safety, etc receive the detailed attention and care they deserve, much like back home?
  • With our background of service in the Army your concerns are valued and fully met

We offer service matching the best, yet at such reasonable costs

Contact us ... participate in the ensuing dialogue …  then decide

Pleasure filled, exciting, fun, tours and adventure travel to India.
  • Have you ever dreamt of a delightful India travel holiday ?
  • Or, have you ever visualized an India adventure tour for your self and your special group of family or friends ?
  • Is one of your life’s goals a trip to the beautiful Himalayas? Or perhaps to Rajasthan, a culturally rich desert region? Or even a trip to the back waters of Kerala?
  • Is visiting Heaven on earth - Sikkim - high in your 'Things to do in this life' list?
If so … then –  just for you –  we have special customized and personalized tours with the Adventure Quests’ touch

For few Quality Standard packages click here Now

Pleasure filled, exciting, fun, tours and adventure travel to India.
  • From the Himalayas to the Oceans, from deserts to jungles and from its city population to its large rural tracts - India vibrates in its own unique way.
  • Our tours will delight and thrill you, yet show you the best of India's many facets.
  • Where do you wish to go ? The Taj ? Jaipur and Rajasthan ? The great Himalayas ? Experience the India away from the cities ? Also experience the cities ?
  • Want to take a pilgrimage trip to areas of religious interest to you - Buddhist, Sikh etc ?
  • Desire a Tour customized to your specific needs ?
The best way for us to customize your ideal dream tour with a great personal touch is to start by contacting us or giving us a measure of your thoughts and needs through our info/registration form or by email


  • We  are very cost effective as part of good service is to deliver more at lowest costs. So to get an idea of our costs see our Few Standard Packages.
  • Further, we appreciate that travel plans and personal requirements vary from person to person and group to group. So we love to Customise your tours with a personal touch.
  • Costs can vary from as little as US $ 100 pp a day or less, to as much as US $ 500 pp a day, or even much more, "depending on your interests, personal choice, places visited, desired service, size of group, and of course your own budget."
  • For quotes contact us through ourInquiry cum Registration Formand allow us to then revert to you immediately.


Just know that Sikkim is heaven. Whether you wish to sight see, or be with verdant nature at its best, or see Sikkim culture unspoiled and preserved, or visit India's finest vintage monasteries, or surrender to divine scenery, go birding, fishing, mountain biking, trekking in low or high altitudes, rock climbing - just about anything
- know that Sikkim has it all for you and will make you return again. Go here now Sikkim


We all know the world has few regions that compare with the colourful, vibrant, historic and culturally rich desert/semi-desert state of Rajasthan?
Let us take you deep into its heart.You are sure to remember its simple people, camels, horses, castles and dunes for long and will long to return. Rajasthan Safaris, Rajasthan Treks,RajasthanBikingRajasthan Motor Biking


Go anywhere, but you must visit Varanasi, or Benaras, or Kashi as this city is commonly known. It is a spiritually and religiously charged city where the modern and ancient worlds combine in an amorphous way. The city still has its spiritual energies preserved and a visit to some of its ancient temples, or walking the old cities crowded, narrow, and busy alleys puts us in touch with this rhythm. Boat rides on the revered river at dawn and again in the evening when the aaratis are sung and lights are waved to the glory of the Divine Energies  in this form so dear to the Hindu mainstream  allow us to sense the inner  force that gives charge to the mainstream of the Indian masses.
You can also visit Sarnath, so loved by the followers of the great Buddha. You can visit silk weaving in households and as you walk and spend time in this city some spiritual charge enters us. To understand it is irrelevant, to feel it and sense it within ourselves is what brings people here – pilgrims or tourists. Your visit to India will always be incomplete without an exposure to Kashi, even if it is a brief visit. Apart from India’s villages this city preserves yet a sense of what the real India is all about.
For Inquiries for Varanasi or Sarnath please visit our Inquiry cum Registration Form


What can equal the beauty of the Himalayas? To be able to visit the far reaches of this amazing chain of Himalayan mountains and and share the glory in their heart in Himachal Pradesh  is worth every moment invested in such a trip. Big mountains, humble people,that will remain in our heart for long. Himachal Treks,  Himachal Biking, HimachalMotor Biking

Arunachal and North East

North-East Himalaya of Arunachal Pradesh is unique, virtually un-trodden in vast stretches and is very special. It has tribes living as if preserved by time and flora and fauna that is at once tropical, temperate and rare in nature. The National Parks here are unsurpassed. There is no place in India quite like this region. Arunachal Treks, Arunachal Rafting, Arunachal Biking.


Whether early Buddhist mentors carried culture from Ladhak to Tibet or vice versa is a moot point. What is true is the uniqueness of this region called Ladhak, its people and their culture. One of the last frontiers, this region is a must visit one. So go here for Ladhak Treks,and for Ladhak Rafting, Ladhak Biking or Ladhak Motor Biking the web pages will be up soon. However in the interim you can just query us through our Inquiry cum Registration Form.

Special Tours on request for:
  • Special Wedding Tours – Witness and join in a Indian wedding as part of your tour (Nov – Dec)
  • Bird Watching Tour for bird lovers.
  • Religious oriented tours for interested groups.

For our Standard Tour Packages refer Inquiry –cum-Registration Form