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is a collection of friends who either served in the Indian Armed forces, particularly the Army, or were associated with them closely at some time or the other so that its values have been imbibed by us. Having faced adventure in some form or the other and having realized its immense benefits it is our aim that the average person, particularly the average Indian, should integrate adventure as a part of his or her life.

Col HS Mann, SM, FRGS - our UK representative is a reputed mountaineer being an highly trained and qualified climber on India's leading mountain courses, avid trekker, parachutist, pioneer Indian hot air balloonist, highly qualified instructor and has led numerous expeditions including to Nun, Kun, White Needle, Kamet, Shinkun amongst others, leading participant in numerous long distance treks in Ladhak, Himachal Pradesh, Uttranchal, and India's north-east, a post graduate from War College Camberley, England, noted leadership and team-leader instructor specializing in youth and junior and middle level training, an avant-garde thinker, administrator, motivator, writer.

Col GLS Toor - our USA representative is a mountaineer cum trekker qualified in High Altitude Alpine Adventure Courses, was a leading member of expedition to Kedarnath, leader of expedition to Deo Tibba, treks to Pindari Glacier, Valley of Flowers and treks in Ladhak, also trekked extensively in all Himalayan regions including Kashmir, Ladhak, Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttranchal, trekked also in the Thar Desert, chief instructor in mountain climbing camps in Himachal, leader of white water rafting expeditions in Uttranchal and Bamboo Rafting expeditions in Arunachal, parachutist and sky diver, intrepid traveler within India and globe-trotter.

Maj Gen Jitu Bhatia - Jitu is a fitness specialist and one of India's qualified management experts. He is an excellent teacher and his ability to put a group at ease even as he brings out deeper self - exploration and self understanding and fulfillment is unequalled. Soft spoken as much ashe is knowledgeable Jitu as a teacher is like a magnet attracting people and exuding teachings in team building, leadership and in lives many important values. One of our valued and principal assets.

Brig Virender Sehgal - a qualified climber and trekker, participant of numerous long and short distance treks and mountain expeditions in Himachal, Ladhak, Kashmir, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh, a well qualified instructor, parachutist, glider, and the principal coordinator, dreamer and proprietor of our enterprise and with very good exposure to the principal regions of interest to adventure seekers and the many existing and emerging adventure activities in India.

Exposure to the best adventure terrain came naturally as a condition of our service. We spent much of our time and youthful energies in the mountains, deserts and jungles. We got value from those experiences, values that we feel modern society can benefit from. Our programmes and itineraries are oriented as training exposures in adventure for the average human being, more specifically the youth and the young at heart of India and the world.

We avail the benefits of our network with other officers who have served in the Indian armed forces and who are also directly involved in promoting the love for adventure amongst the children and youth of India. The youth of our time is an area of focus that we will not shelve. We understand the importance of youth and realize the understanding and influence that they will bring to bear on our planet in the years ahead. We would like to help them be adventurous, balanced and protective. It will benefit the planet and our human race.

As such we interact with members of the better adventure organizations, including the National Adventure Foundation, Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Manali, etc. are intent on establishing similar equations with other adventure associations inside and outside India.

Our Home Page already carries our views about adventure.

Ours is a young Company with high goals and the ability to work hard amidst the world's adventure community. We want adventure to become a part of the every day life of the average individual, particularly in India. We also want institutions to use adventure to benefit their organizations by encouraging their employees to experience it and return to it for more. In the main these principles decide most of the levels of adventure we cater to, with adventures for existing hard-core enthusiasts also included.