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See Nature's Salute - select an Himachal adventure tour

Himachal Adventure Tours

With Adventure Quests you can participate in incredible Himachal adventure tours in its amazing and remote Himalayan hill, jungle and mountainous areas to include trekking in Himachal, climbing in Himachal, biking in Himachal, motor biking in Himachal and white water rafting in Himachal, Every Himachal adventure tour is an expedition of sorts. Himachal, a jewel in the Himalayan crown, is already a well established adventure destination and your chosen Himachal adventure tour will allow you to simply follow your heart. Given immediately below are very brief reviews of the possibilities of different adventure activities and you can read them before moving on to fuller details through the links at the bottom of this page. In case you haven't read the small write up about Himachal Pradesh then you can still do so now by clicking on the link below and to right of the main heading above.

Trekking in Himachal. Some of the world's best established mountain and hill treks are in Himachal Pradesh. The mountains are the great Himalayas and we can do our trekking in the Himalayas on either side of their Pir Panjal range or our Himalayan trek can take us cross them from one side to the other. The range is high so the highest Himachal trekking is either astride or along the main Pir Panjal or to their north across the Chandra Bhaga river where lie the outer Himalayas which resemble the Zanskar and Ladhak ranges to their north. Any Himachal trek is outstanding, more so if it is an Himachal remote trek taking us to the far reaches of this grand Himalayan state. Low altitude India treks and high altitude India treks are feasible and any Himachal trekking can combine both. The mountains are lovely, high and with much depth. So go the Himachal way and choose an Himachal adventure tour comprising Himachal trekking or for a fuller feel combine it with Himachal biking or Himachal motor biking and maybe a wee touch of rafting if in season. Visit the concerned pages on this site for fuller details and to register.
Note 1: All treks that originate in Himachal Pradesh and finish in Ladhak, or their reverse treks, have been included under Ladhak as the longer duration is normally spent in Ladhak.

Himachal Biking. Mountain biking in Himachal is one of the delightful adventure possibilities in this Himalayan state. Truly unique Himachal biking is feasible as the mainstay of your Himachal adventure tour. Himachal biking is amongst the best of biking in India and within one longer India biking tour you can literally traverse the best parts of Himachal from lush green coniferous belts to the starker mountains of Spiti or Lahaul or Pangi. Make mountain biking in Himachal the focus of your India adventure travel and take back experiences that you will cherish. Such excellent Himalayan opportunities are rare, as our Himachal biking itineraries will reveal to your discerning eye. So go the Himachal way and choose an Himachal adventure tour comprising Himachal mountain biking or for a fuller feel combine it with trekking or motor biking and maybe a wee touch of rafting if in season. Visit the concerned pages on this site for fuller details and to register.

Himachal Motor bike tours. Motor bike tours in the Himalayas can never be complete without your group having traversed the remote wealth of Himachal on our motor bikes. The region, its roads, the mountains, the gradients and ground conditions faced in Himachal motor biking give your Himachal motor bike tour a special zest. Enjoy Himachal and then let your Himachal motor biking carry you on to Ladhak, but first visit the three principal valleys in your motor bike tour in Himachal and let an Alpine-Himalayan vision be a part of you as you later proceed north into the vast north Himalayan mountain deserts. So go the Himachal way and choose a very special Himachal adventure tour comprising Himachal motor biking or for a more comprehensive feel combine it with trekking or biking or a wee touch of rafting if in season. Visit the concerned pages on this site for fuller details and to register.

Rafting in Himachal. White water rafting in Himachal is limited to just a few months and shorter stretches on the Beas river. Satluj is as yet covered rarely but offers many a delight for those with some prior experience of white water rafting. So if you want to go in for a limited Himachal rafting adventure tour on the Satluj or combine it with another adventure activity then you can do so through our standard registration form and we will revert immediately.

Plans for elders

These are special options for groups of elders or those in middle age with optimally designed adventures to fill the participants hearts with an enduring sense of deep fulfillment. Adventure is for all, only the scope and methods change to suit the effects of age on us all.

Social supportive adventure

These suggestions to groups are to add value to the purpose of their visit - adventure. Being in remote regions, cut off for months on end during winter or the monsoon rains, the tiny spread out hamlets have not benefited from global growths, or even from India's growth. Here too we can optimally designed adventures to fill participating hearts with an enduring sense of deep fulfillment and joy in having helped a small distant community in a blessed way.

About Himachal - the State and its People

Himachal Pradesh is a land of unbelievable beauty, every charm has been bestowed here by creation. The state comprises hills and mountains of every quality and magnitude. From the Shivaliks, an ancient, long and low line of hills, they stretch through the beautiful Inner Himalayas to the mighty Pir Panjal Range and then to their north up to the Greater Himalayan Range whose water shed marks the northern boundary of this state with Ladhak in J & K. For an India adventure tour there are few better places than the mountains and valleys of Himachal Pradesh. Hence the focus on an Himachal adventure tour.

Four great rivers carve their way through the state, three of them originating within its pristine confines. Each has numerous tributaries and each has an entirely different vista. The first of the rivers is the Satluj which originates in Tibet near the Kailash - Mansarowar region. This flows into India and a magnificent dam marks the place where it flows out of the state onto the plains below the Himalayas. The next is the Beas which starts a little above Manali and along with its many feeders such as the Parbati, the Sainj, the Tirthan, etc captures at once the glory of the Alps and the beauty of Arunachal. The third, originating between the Greater Himalayas and the Pir Panjal Range is the Chandra Bhaga. It flows between these two magnificent ranges while in the state; downstream it is called the Chenab. Its two branches, the Chandra and the Bhaga, originate from the same high pass, the Baralacha La, but flow in different directions till they meet. What this river offers is entirely different from the others though the Spiti River, a prominent tributary of the Satluj, is similar. Finally there is the Ravi which is shorter, more turbulent but with a magnificence of its own and many of its upper regions not commonly explored. The rivers have enthused the populace with a love for nature, so wondrous are their many glens, brooks, meadows, rushing streams and raging torrents.

There are flora and fauna of every kind, lush forests from the foot hills till we cross the tree line at about 3000 to 3500 m. From the green to the brown rocky deserts across the Pir Panjal Range, this state has everything. Each valley is unique, offering some thing different for the visitors to relish. The vegetation varies from the sub-tropical to the alpine, from bamboos to pine. Every kind of Himalayan fauna can be seen in their own niche locations in the state. To the naturalist this is indeed paradise.

The people of the state are diverse though the difference is more marked on either side of the Pir Panjal, north of which the principal religion is Buddhism. The harsh winters rendering large tracts inaccessible by road or by foot for six months or more, have given to the people a combination of humility and hardiness, sensitivity and strength and an air of being pastoral. God loving, they have their unique culture.

And as a destination for adventure this state has few peers, such is its grandeur. From climbing, there are many peaks over 6000 m, trekking in Himachal - over short or long distances, rock climbing, excellent mountain biking in Himachal, exhilarating Himachal motor bike tour possibilities, white water rafting, skiing, para gliding, angling, to just plain ambling along the hill slopes through dense forests, Himachal has them all. There can be an Himachal adventure tour for people of all ages or adventure preferences. There is also something for the artist, for the casual tourist, for those with less time on their hands or those who can spend a full month or two to enrich their spirit in these glorious environs, for the young, for the not so young, for everyone !

The best part is the ease of accessibility to this region from most of northern India.

So take your pick of Himachal adventures from the links below and whether you have less time or more do contact us. We prefer groups as that is good for the participants in every way, and we do suggest that having crossed many a sea or land mass to reach these fabulous hills you could give them ample time so that your Himachal adventure is worth your while.


Himachal Pradesh is the beautiful Himalayan haven that caters to adventure interests of almost every kind. Adventure Quests wants you to discover this. Let an Himachal adventure tour be your choice for some of the best Himalaya treks in India, some excellent Himalaya biking in India and Himalaya motor cycle tours in India. Himachal trekking has no equals and discover that for yourself. The same applies to Himachal biking or Himachal motor bike tours. Any Himachal adventure tour lets you cherish the Himalayas. If you love the hills, mountains, freely flowing rivers and want to see nature exult in itself then select a choice Himachal adventure tour. It may be a tour for trekking in Himachal, or one for biking in Himachal, or an Himachal motor bike tour, or Himachal rafting on the Satluj for the rafting specialist, or even a customized package combining more than one sport, whatever - let Adventure Quests be a part of your India adventure travel holidays in this indescribable land as you adventure forth to enrich your spirit. Just visit the concerned pages on this site and select an Himachal adventure tour for your group and register. Enjoy your browsing.