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India Mountain  Biking – Himachal
India Mountain  Biking – Himachal
India Mountain  Biking – Himachal
India Mountain  Biking – Himachal
India Mountain  Biking – Himachal
India Mountain  Biking – Himachal

Himachal Biking - profound India Mountain biking tours

Mountain Biking in Himachal Pradesh

Why Biking in Himachal Pradesh ?
Himachal Pradesh is second to none in the opportunities it offers for Himalayan Mountain Biking. The only other region with biking in the Himalayas that match it are Ladhak and Arunachal Pradesh; each of these two Indian states being unique by itself. The combination of hills and mountains, distances, exhilarating changes in the terrain, weather, road or track conditions make Himachal Biking very special to mountain biking enthusiasts. True lovers of biking in hills and mountains treasure their experiences of biking in Himachal.

Adventure Quests recognizes this potential and is in a position to arrange for you amazing Indian biking tours in Himachal. Whereas the state of Himachal Pradesh is so vast that one can bike for weeks and yet not cover the full state, we will arrange for you mountain biking experiences on well thought out routes with India cycle tour itineraries to delight your being and match your time line.

Additionally we can take you beyond mountain biking by the introduction of short duration exposures to other selected Himalayan adventure activities to add depth and purpose to your India mountain biking endeavors. These can be trekking, motor biking or a wee touch of rafting in season. Some are included in the proposed Himachal biking itineraries, but can be altered as desired to suit the aspirations of your biking group.
Your Bikes for Himachal Biking Tour ?
It is your decision whether to bring your own mountain bikes with you or to go with the mountain bikes of international class available. However many prefer to bring the bikes they are familiar with and usually maintain themselves. In such cases the participants bring their spares and tools. We can however arrange a bike mechanic and back up bikes if asked.

In case we provide the mountain bikes then a trained mechanic will be part of our support and administration group moving with the expedition.
The Himachal Biking Itineraries
We have identified three principal mountain biking itineraries in Himachal, each of about 2 to 3 weeks, that cover the best of Himachal Pradesh. These are such that while each India cycling tour in Himachal is excellent by itself yet any two or all three can also be combined as one itinerary to suit the need that will enrich your spirit.

Additionally we can easily structure a great Himachal to Ladhak itinerary for you. This could be a Manali to Leh biking tour, or a Simla to Leh mountain biking tour. The reverse trip, a Leh to Manali biking tour is also feasible and for that you can also refer to our Ladhak section.

Biking groups can study our itineraries or can contact us otherwise with their requirements through our Registration Forms or by email We can then take the matter forward with them.