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Mountain biking in Himachal
Mountain biking in Himachal
Mountain biking in Himachal
Mountain biking in Himachal
Mountain biking in Himachal
Mountain biking in Himachal

Himachal Biking Tour - Mountain biking in Himachal

Stimulating mountain biking in India from Adventure Quests

Welcome to the Adventure Quests itineraries for your special Himachal biking tour. Its great that you are looking at this page on mountain Himachal biking itineraries for we do really have a large number of super Himalayan bicycle tour itineraries below. Take your time and study the Himachal biking tour itineraries well before you decide, they are amongst the best of Himalayan biking. With the links provided on each itinerary page you can then register or seek more details.

Don't let this chance by. Himachal Pradesh is a world established Himalayan mountain biking and adventure region and you can get a great Himalaya bike tour for your group below. If you want to vary any mountain biking tour in Himachal we can take care of that, or if you want to have any Himachel cycling tour customized for you, then we can do that too, and speedily. If you want to combine an excellent cycling India tour in the Himalayas with any other adventure activity such as Himachal treks or a Himachal Motor bike tour, even short trips of just a few days - that too is on the cards.

Please note that if you want a very special Himachal to Leh biking tour, be it a Manali to Leh biking tour, or a Simla to Leh bicycle tour, we will customize one to match your needs.

So go ahead, browse on, and let 'biking in Himachal' with Adventure Quests be your next adventure.

India Mountain Biking in Himachal - Itineraries

We now outline for you principal biking itineraries that cover Himachal
Note 1:
These can be reduced, expanded or varied to suit group requirements. Any new itinerary can be created.
Note 2:
Any two or all three can be combined into one composite itinerary to pace you through most of Himachal Pradesh's key valleys. With more time the group can cover every valley of the state, or can even move on bikes to Ladhak. (for biking confined only to Ladhak please visit the Ladhak pages).
Please study the details below and select any or request variations.
Himachal Biking I - The charms of Kulu Valley - the alpine heart of the state. A trip entailing 19 days (reducible) on bikes that can enthrall you as you bike into the interiors of the Kulu Valley along the many feeders that flow down to make this such a great river. The trip is spruced up with minor exposures to other adventures like treks, rafting, safaris, etc. Treat yourself to some of the Himalayas most pristine mountains and search its beautiful flora and fauna, camp on some of its best meadows, bike past its brooks and streams, explore the people and their heritage. 19 days (reducible) of enthralling biking and the odd small trek for added value to delight your inner being. (HP Bike 1)

Himachal Biking II - The delightful Satluj Valley and its magnificent feeders, including Baspa, Spiti and others. A long fun filled but at times demanding expedition that takes us from the alpine green valleys to the high altitude rocky barrenness of the Kinner Kailash massif and to the haunting and as yet less frequented Spiti valley in the high altitude desert region of north Himachal. Watch one culture and religion giving way to another equally charming one. 25 days of enthralling biking and odd small treks to delight your inner being. Note a cushion of 3 to 4 days, apart from rest days, has been inbuilt on this particular route. HP Bike 2)

Himachal Biking III - The joys of biking in Lahaul and Spiti, both far away secluded yet amazing valleys unlike other parts of the verdant Himachal. Almost the entire expedition is in high altitudes, though the initial few days will be below 3000m. We explore the Chandra and Bhaga rivers in Pangi and Lahaul regions and then the Spiti valley, venturing into regions that are as stupendous as they are stark. The entire region is beyond the Pir Panjal range, cut off for six to seven months in a year, yet offering so much to fill the adventurers' golden hearts. A difficult trip as the altitude is high, yet a feasible odyssey into northern Himachal that challenges only to please. 22 days of enthralling biking with odd short treks to deepen the experience. (HP Bike 3)

Composite Himachal Itinerary. - Any two or all three of the above three can be combined into a more encompassing itinerary. The duration can be mutually structured as required adding time for visits to Delhi, Agra, etc and for moving into and out of Himachal Pradesh. Detail Itinerary on request. Please forward your considered requirements through our comprehensive registration form by clicking the link below, or by email.

Himachal to Ladhak Itinerary - We can structure a special Itinerary for you if you wish to bike from Himachal into Ladhak. We can include any treks that you wish to undertake in conjunction with the trip. Please forward your requirements to us through the Registration form by clicking the link below or by email. Due to distance and altitude this will be a longer trip.


As mentioned earlier, apart from the well planned itineraries above you can still seek a customized Himachal biking tour. We suggest you first examine the itineraries for mountain biking in Himachal as laid out above. Then from the links provided in the itinerary of interest you can post your specific thoughts through our registration form or by email and we will prepare an Himachal adventure tour based on Himachal biking that matches your specific needs. Enjoy browsing the Himachal biking itineraries.

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