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India Motor  Bike Tours in Himachal
India Motor  Bike Tours in Himachal
India Motor  Bike Tours in Himachal
India Motor  Bike Tours in Himachal
India Motor  Bike Tours in Himachal
India Motor  Bike Tours in Himachal

Himachal Motor Biking - exhilarating India Motor bike tours

Himalayan Motor Biking in Himachal

Why a Motor Cycle Tour in Himachal Pradesh ?

Himachal Pradesh is unique in the layout of its mountain roads and tracks that connect its long, beautiful and different valleys. Varying entry and exit points in this amazing countryside afford Himalaya motor bike tour enthusiasts enhanced challenges and opportunities for a great India motor bike tour. Few other regions can be as exciting as this for a full fledged India motor bike tour.

Our Himachal motor biking tours are designed to suit the time availability of any group are feasible - from just seven days to three weeks or more apart from the time the group chooses to spend in Delhi. If on an Himachal motor biking tour then it is pointless to drive on the heavily trafficked roads of the north Indian plains so we prefer trips that start only in the hills. For a truly heightened adventure your India motor bike tour can take you from Himachal to neighbouring Ladhak, such as a Manali to Leh motor cycle tour, or even a Simla to Leh motor bike tour, if you give it due time.

True lovers of mo-biking in hills and mountains treasure their experiences in this region. Many choose to add some exciting moments by small treks or short rafting trips, an added flavour as it were.

Areas for Suitable India Motor bike Tour Itineraries for Himachal

We indicate here only very broad areas suitable for developing itineraries. This is because the variables are so vast that it is best to make an initial inquiry with us and then accept one broad plan. Once this broad plan is agreed upon you can register for the trip. As soon as the registration formalities are complete the detailed day to day itineraries will be finalized in consultation with you. You can access these suitable areas by reading on to the end of this short page and then clicking on the link there.

Best Time for Himachal motor biking tours

The best time of the year is from mid - April to October. However some of the higher regions and passes are not open till June and so trips to areas like Lahaul and Pangi and on occasion to Spiti can only take place from July to mid - Oct. In July and August we like to keep a day or to as cushion to cater for the monsoon.

The Bikes we Provide

The motor cycles are the steady yet powerful 500 cc/350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet bikes suited to the Indian environment. Carburetor based, 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled. 22 bhp. Torque of 3.59 kgm (at 3500). Ground clearance (14 cm), wheel base of 1.37 m. Tyres are 3.25x19. 12 v electrical system.

They will be in excellent running condition. On request can be accompanied by a service team in a
India Motor  Bike Tours in Himachal
suitable vehicle (added cost). The bikes will be fitted with Saddle Bags, Carriers, rear view mirrors, proper tyres and tubes, basic tool kit with spares (plug, chain link, spanners, and screw drivers). Appropriate maps provided.