Special Plans for Middle Age or Elders
Most of the adventure itineraries, and in fact the main thrust of our visible efforts, may give an impression of our work being oriented only to the young or middle aged person. Such a feeling would be partially true for the simple reason that it is when one is young, or at least when one is physically adequate that any adventure can be undertaken.

However, Himachal Pradesh is different. It has something for everybody. The diversity in the hills and mountains and the access by road to many parts of the state make it very possible for people entering the silvery era of their lives to enjoy remarkable trips to these Himalayas. If you are past the mid forties and even if in the mid sixties there is something very nice for you everywhere in this immensely beautiful state, given of course that to start with your health permits you to travel so far to hug these graceful Himalayan mountains by being able to travel through them, to amble along for walks in the lush forests but on the easier stretches and to move away from the comfort zones of your routine lives.

We are not laying out a series of Itineraries for you because each itinerary will be a special creation, a special effort to meet the unique requirements of your group. Let it be said that anything can be planned and organized if you inform us about your desires and your adventure dreams suited for your group at this stage of life and within what your health levels will allow you. Do contact us very early, say six to seven months in advance, as most halts in your case will have to be in hotels or guest houses or tented camps or rest houses and have to be booked much in advance. A degree of comfort may be desirable to you, even if on an adventure trip, more so if new to all this.

Be assured that once you return you will admit that your relatively mild adventures in the stunningly beautiful valleys that abound in these grand mountains, and there are few areas where the mountains are any grander, was a gift you gave yourself. A well deserved gift. One that will have surely have served to enrich your spirit. A brief study of the main itineraries and their maps may help you focus on the areas you wish to see. You could of course mention your broad parameters and then leave it to us.

Interested groups may fill in their particulars in our Registration Form with their other detailed requirements mentioned therein. They could also contact us through email at contact@adventurequests.net or at adventurequests.in@gmail.com We can then take the matter forward.