(a) Your travel dates for these safaris can be fixed to suit your convenience or to adjust to other travel commitments that you may have finalised.
(b) You can also do the trip as a biking one as the countryside is well suited to biking trips. The itineraries will be modified marginally.
(c). The itineraries include visits to the best nearby wildlife parks.
(d) Trekking and river rafting additions can be arranged on request. There are some excellent 3 to 7 day trekking options which, having come so far, ought not to be missed. Details on request.
Note : Common aspects for all Karnataka Horse Safaris :
1. Intention : To let our love for nature and adventure empower us to ride into Karnataka’s interiors and study the terrain, culture people of this beautiful land from which so many warriors sprung up in history. To study the way of life of the simple people of this forward looking state, so rich in its culture and heritage.

2. Age : 16 upwards as per fitness.

3. Accommodation : This will be hotels at Mysore and luxury tents when on the rides. Changes can be made to suit specific participant requirements. Changes can be made to suit specific participant requirements.

4. Cuisine : Mainly local cuisine of the area, with due regard to sensitivity to spices. Continental fare is an available option.

5. Arrangements at Bangalore : Arrival at Bangalore, either from an international flight or by flight, train or road from elsewhere within India or Karnataka as per plans of the group concerned. Reception, transfer to a hotel. Departure by road for the designated location as per itinerary given below or as decided. On return from the safari a brief halt or move direct to international airport to take the return flight home or move to other places as per travel plans of the group.

6. Best time : Mid-Sep to Mar is best. Apr and may are usually warm being the summer season. June to August can see some rather wet weather, being the monsoon season.

7. Costs of Itineraries below (International airport Delhi back to the International airport at Delhi) : Our plans are all inclusive in India and based on a group of 10 or more for the basic itinerary suggested above. This includes airport transfers, costs of the horse rides, costs of bike rentals and service and maintenance throughout the trip, tips, accommodation (twin sharing), water and all meals. Travel to/out of Bangalore can be catered to if specifically requested. However international air-fares, airport taxes, visa charges, duty on any items and personal expenditure such as drinks, laundry, tobacco, telephone charges, camera charges where applicable and individual expenses incurred away from the plan for the group are excluded.

9. Registration : As winter is the peak tourist period it is essential that Registration be done at four to five months prior to arrival. Half the determined costs least of this Caravan to be paid on registration and the balance to be paid six weeks prior to arrival.

10. Changes in the itinerary, if requested, can be worked out and costs evaluated separately. Or, any other specified itinerary can be developed to match your interests.
Karnataka Safaris
1) These itineraries, with minor modifications to the routes here and there, are also well suited as biking routes.
2) Unless specified by the participants at the time of Registration it will be assumed that Horse Safari is intended.
3). Please note that visits to Belur, Halibedu, Shravannabalgola, etc or to Bandipur or Nagarhole National Parks or other sanctuaries have been included in the itineraries to enhance value, either before or after the safaris.
Karnataka Safari III – (Horse area, modifiable for biking).A greatness and a challenge in the region between Mysore and Bangalore. Visits to Wildlife Sanctuaries, the bountiful hills of Ooty for hill riding experiences and road safaris to historic monuments and ancient temples included. 15 days of riding adventure and enjoying being close to nature even as we study the heritage of a graceful culture and the abounding beauty of some of South Karnataka’s best wild life parks. (Refer Map) (KS3)

1. We leave Bangalore by road for Ooty (Udhagamandalam) where we ride amongst the famous blue mountains for two days of exhilarating rides. With heads turning back towards Mysore, which we had passed on our way up to Ooty, we take road safaris for three days en route to visit the Bandipur and Nagarhole National Parks as also the Muthayan, Wynad and Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuaries.

2. In the afternoon/evening of our fifth day from Bangalore we are back at Mysore, the central base for horse safaris in Karnataka. Two days at Mysore where the mornings are spent in visiting the historic Mysore palace, other places of interest and the Brindavan Gardens. The two afternoons are spent in preparing for our longer ride ahead, meeting the different horses here and in practice rides to get us ready. From the next morning the main safari starts.

3. Days 1, 2, 3 and 4 from Mysore. Our ride starts just north of Srirangapatnam. We head into Melkote Temple Sanctuary and halt for the night near Melukote. Folk entertainers make our evenings pleasant on most of our evenings when we camp out. We ride further north next, going pastbeautiful fields, shrub and countryside. We camp near Honakere. On Day 3 we head towards the Adichunchanagiri Worldlife Sanctuary halting in camp near Nagarnangala. After an evening of folk music and entertainment we rest over in camp. The next day the horses rest as we move in a road safari to visit Shravannabhalagola, Belur and Halebidu for unforgettable views of the ancient spiritual heritage of this graceful state. Back at camp for the night to resume our rides the next day.

4. Days 5, 6, 7 and 8. Day 5 and we head towards the rising sun. After a great days ride we reach Hullyundurga. Day 6 takes us to Savanadurga and on the last riding day we head for Bangalore, stopping short of the outskirts of the city. Here, like all good things, our safari is at an end and we bid our faithful horses adieu. The night can be spent in camp or in Bangallore as per choice of the participants.

5. The safari over we move on as per our further travel plans, perhaps to other places in Karnataka or just to Bangalore to catch a flight to elsewhere in India or to home.