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Horse Safari - Karnataka:  
Karnataka is unique to the South. There is beauty in the land that varies from place to place. There are forests and open stretches. There are rocky hills covered with scrub and lush coffee and pepper plantations. There are rivers disgorging both to the west and the east.

Karnataka has mothered some of the finest warriors and leaders that history has bestowed upon the Indian Sub-Continent. Although it has had its share of fierce battles and warriors, this region as a whole was spared the ravaging wars in the north or the west of the Sub-Continent.

Spirituality and religion come easy in these parts, Karnataka having a rich legacy of saints and ancient temples each with its own beauty and history to which visitors to this region throng.

In keeping with its intention, Adventure Quests is in the process of establishing trekking, white water rafting and horse safari based outings that also bring out the eco-cum-wild life wealth of Karnataka. Some of these are listed below. More are to follow

Karnataka has a wide array of adventure options to offer. It has endless beaches, each more enticing than the other. There are great trekking options around Madikeri and the verdant Coorg hills and plantations, in the Biligiriraangana Hills, Kemmana Gundi, Baba Budanagiri Hills, Nandi Hills, etc. White water rafting aplenty on the Kali and numerous eco- opportunities to discover how intoxicating nature can be with its variety of exotic flora and fauna in the wildlife sanctuaries at Bhimeshwari, Nagarhole, Ranganthittu, Bandipur, etc.

So choose adventure, take your pick below and the rest just follows.

The three itineraries below are founded on some of the best horse safaris in India. Combinations with trekking and/or rafting are recommended to add depth to both the adventure and to understanding the bio-diversity of this region and can be arranged on request. Details on request.
 Karnataka Safari I - (Horse area, modifiable for biking). Exploring    the interiors of Karnataka on horseback. A different culture, a    different vista. Visit the best known historical spots and the    amazing national parks and also spend time amongst the hills of    Ooty.  16 days of immense fun spent riding and studying the deep    heritage, culture, wild life and flora of Karnataka. (KS 1)

 Karnataka Safari II -(Horse area, modifiable for biking). The heart    of the Kaveri River. Rides along its banks, explorations and    adventure in some of Karnataka’s greatest areas of cultural and    historic value. 17 days of immense fun spent riding and in    studying the deep heritage, culture, wild life and flora of    Karnataka. (KS 2)

 Karnataka Safari III - (Horse area, modifiable for biking).A    greatness and a challenge in the region between Mysore and    Bangalore. Visits to Wildlife Sanctuaries, the bountiful hills of Ooty    for hill riding experiences and road safaris to historic monuments    and ancient temples included. 15 days of riding adventure and    enjoying being close to nature even as we study the heritage of a    graceful culture and the abounding beauty of Karnataka’s best    wild life parks. (KS 3)