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Ladakh adventure tour
Ladakh adventure tour
Ladakh adventure tour
Ladakh adventure tour
Ladakh adventure tour
Ladakh adventure tour
Ladakh adventure tour


Crowning the Himalayas - special Ladhak and Zanskar adventure tours

Adventure Tours to Ladhak and Zanskar

Details about the region and its people can be viewed through this link . For Ladhak adventure travel please note that as an adventure destination that offers something for every kind of adventurer Ladhak and Zanskar have few equals on the planet. Whether it is Ladhak trekking or trekking in Zanskar, or in both, or whether it is rafting in the Zanskar or rafting in the Indus,  or whether it is mountain biking in the high altitude trails of Ladhak and Zanskar the region has it all. Apart from mountain biking in Ladhak or Zanskar the region is also much loved by all adventure motor cycle tour lovers as the region, particularly Ladhak, offers amazing  mountain motor biking tours in Ladhak and Zanskar. The degree of difficulty desired by any group in their Ladhak adventure tour can be arranged to suit  expectations. For more details of each activity, read on or you can go straight through this link to the choices at the end of this page. What you seek you will get, assuredly.
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Trekking in Ladhak, Zanskar treks

Trekking in Ladhak and trekking in Zanskar is the single outstanding adventure feature of this vast and awesome mountain region. Depending on your time and interests you can actually trek in Ladhak for two to three months should you so wish. Alternatively a Ladhak trek or a Zanskar trek can be undertaken for a week or less, after having acclimatized to the altitude. Some of the best treks are the shorter ones and some of the truly outstanding treks are the longer ones from Ladhak to Himachal, or the reverse direction - from Himachal to Ladhak. We have no words to describe the value that this exposure to nature through a Ladhak trek or a Zanskar trekking expedition can give to you. With more than 15 great treks to choose from you can enrich your spirit through a Ladhak trek or a Zanskar trek. Browse through the Ladhak trekking itineraries and the Zanskar trekking itineraries and decide, your pleasurable experiences are assured.
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Rafting in Ladhak and Zanskar rafting

White water rafting in Zanskar and Indus Rivers is limited to just a few months in the year, essentially July to September. The rafting is stunning and offers you a great opportunity to enjoy this great adventure and also see the region and its people. The Zanskar river is an outstanding treat for five to six days. After its confluence with the Indus amazing three days are additionally available to enjoy white water rafting in the Indus. Or an easier four day rafting expedition on the Indus is also an option which can be combined with a trek to get a great feel of this land. So browse the Ladhak rafting itinerary and the Zanskar rafting itinerary and come over with your group for some great excitement and fun which is assured.
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Ladhak mountain biking opportunities

While much may have been mentioned about trekking in Ladhak and Zanskar above one thing is additionally clear – mountain biking in Ladhak and Zanskar is without parallel. The mountain biking (in Zanskar and / or Ladhak) roads and trails are stupendous and require much grit and determination. Yet mountain biking here is so doable and enjoyable given time and love for this outstanding sport. Whether it is the Manali – Leh axis or the road axis from Leh to Padum, or the fun biking excursions in the Ladhak and Nubra Valleys, or biking in the Rupshu and Changthang region, a mountain biker falls in love with region as long as he or she respects the altitude. To be able to bike here is an amazing experience. Study the Ladhak biking and Zanskar biking itineraries and take it forward from there as you can be assured you will have the mountain biking experiences of your lifetime.
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Ladhak Motor bike tours

Motor bike tours in the Himalayas can never be complete without your group having traversed the remote wealth of the ladhak and Zanskar mountains. Your high altitude Ladhak motor bike tour can commence from Himachal (Simla, Manali, foothills – wherever you like). The Ladhak motor cycle tour or the Zanskar motor bike tour can also start from Leh, or if you like from any where in the plains though driving on the trafficked roads of the north Indian plains are better avoided in that heat and dust. Be assured of exactly the kind of experience you want from your summer India motor cycle tour in the Himalayas by an enjoyable, yet very challenging Ladhak motor bike tour. Visit the concerned pages on this site for fuller details and to register
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Ladhak social supportive adventure

These suggestions to groups are to add value to the purpose of their visit - adventure. Being in remote regions, cut off for months on end during winter or the monsoon rains, the tiny spread out hamlets have not benefited from global growths, or even from India's growth. Here too we can optimally designe adventures to fill every participating heart with an enduring sense of deep fulfillment and joy in having helped a small distant community in a blessed way.
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About Ladhak and Zanskar - the region, the people

Ladhak and Zanskar are two connected regions of the beautiful and mountainous northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. These two regions are basically similar and they contain within themselves an amazing arena of high mountains and high altitude valleys that have the Outer Himalayas as the geographical southern limit and the Karakoram Range and its Eastern outshoots as the geographical northern one. Tibet is to the east and Kashmir valley and the Kargil region to the west. The roughly parallel Ladhak and Zanskar ranges comprise the heartland of this remote belt. Access is never easy to Ladhak or to Zanskar but every difficulty proves to have been worth its while once on gets there.

This very remote region is a vast high altitude mountainous desert expanse which at places is impassable. The people are simple and hardy and are even now cut off for almost six months a year, though this may change in a few years as many road and tunnel projects are at hand. The temperatures dip in the valleys to minus 20 degrees Celsius in winter and oft times rising in the day to beyond 30 degrees Celsius in July or early August.

The beauty of the region is immense, a mass of multi coloured soil and rock formations where every turn invites a gasp of delight. The mountains are ragged and colossal in size. Dry lands in the main, the magical effects of water are evident every time we pass by a water bearing stream. The high peaks carry heavy snow in winter with the Outer Himalayas staying snow bound round the year but only the very highest peaks retaining snow beyond winter in the Zanskar and Ladhak Ranges.

The population is sparse with water being the prime limiting constrain. Except for pockets there is little affluence and supporting grazing animals is a key activity, apart from limited agriculture and limited fruit trees in select pockets. The culture is eminently Buddhist (Tibetan Buddhism) with the religion being both the way of life and the inner support of these hardy people. Monastaries (Gompas is the local term) abound and in many ancient heritage is preserved but just about so. Now that some greater wealth is pouring in to the region the ancient heritage structures and artifacts would survive. However the people will surely change over time albeit slowly. The changing influences are being felt in the larger townships or villages as the lucre of money is like a road roller.

Much literature abounds about these intensely simple yet alive people, about their simple values and their open acceptance of the universe as God's playground. They respect all beings and in a region starved of adequate water and greenery they are very naturally supportive and large hearted. The lack of water and adequate heating implies poor personal hygiene, but this is changing with the spread of education. The change is much like everything else here - slow.

Visit this land, walk its mountain and valley trails, raft the Zanskar and Indus Rivers, drive a safari to its great lakes and water bodies, look out for its wild life and give your self time in your Ladhak adventure travel because the region needs time - there are great distances, and high altitudes to which one needs to acclimatize well.

You will love it here and return for more. Give this remote region your time and leave your heart behind when you leave. Adventure forth in Ladhak and Zanskar.

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Ladhak and Zanskar are a beautiful mountainous haven north of the Outer Himalayas and they cater to adventure interests of almost every kind. Adventure Quests wants you to discover this. Let a Ladhak adventure tour be your choice for some of the best high altitude Himalayan treks in India, some excellent high altitude Ladhak biking in India and Ladhak motor cycle tours in India. Ladhak trekking has no equals and you will discover that for yourself. The same applies to Ladhak mountain biking or Ladhak and Zanskar motor bike tours. If you love the hills, mountains, freely flowing rivers and want to see nature exult in itself then select a choice Zanskar or Ladhak adventure tour - let Adventure Quests be a part of your India adventure travel holidays in this indescribable land as you adventure forth to enrich your spirit. Enjoy your browsing for your Ladhak adventure tour.