Community Supportive Adventure
Visitors to the interiors of Ladhak, Himachal Pradesh or Arunachal Pradesh unfailingly take note of the conditions that prevail there, of the dire need of the local populace in education, health and even just in general awareness of the state of the modern world. Even in the 21st century life is passing hundreds of villages and many thousands of people by in this state. A careful look at the people, their dress, their shy inhibitions and humility or the helplessness in their eyes reveals everything. Perhaps your group, or your community, or your company may want to make a real difference to the lives of some of these people whom we grow to love when we visit their distant and difficult land and use its facilities to propel our own inner growth.

For the caring person a special offering from us is our “adventure based community and social empowerment programs”. For those groups, in particular youth or children supported by their own elders, communities or employers, we will be happy to identify a number of remote (and even not so remote) villages or hamlets where the adventure participants can take on voluntary support to the local population.

For example such support may take the shape of improving school buildings, or may take the shape of time spent in helping local students with their studies or in educational games, or it could be a project to provide furniture support to a school, or medical aid if the adventure participants have medical qualifications, or in helping improve hygiene or cleanliness in or around a village, or any other type of support that enthuses those who wish to help.

It is understood that the adventure participants who will need to arrange and set aside funds to finance such projects. In case there is institutional support then it is very possible that one group can start a project which ensuing groups can progress to fruition, the groups following each other over time.

Visitors to such areas removed from roads or other modern facilities do take note of this and their contribution in helping children or the infirm or in any way doing something to facilitate the lives of people will give its own reward within the hearts of the participants, adding thereby an immense human dimension to the other excellent reasons that bring them to the mountains for adventure. How many better ways are there to enrich the spirit ?

A study of the Ladhak Trekking itineraries and if needed of the Himachal Trekking itineraries (Himachal being immediately south of and adjacent to Ladhak) will give a general idea of most of the areas of interest in the Indus and the Zanskar valleys. Groups can select areas that interest them the most and in which they would be happier to spend more of their time with such supportive adventure based projects. Such details can also be included when a reference is made to us as mentioned below.

Interested groups, or communities, or companies from the corporate world may fill in their particulars in our Registration Form with other detailed requirements mentioned therein. They could also contact us at or at We can then take the matter forward and revert to them with full details and suggestions.