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Special Educational / Adventure Visits to England for accompanied children, teenagers and youth (End March through October)

  • your child having just returned from a short tour and with a glowing face start to tell his or her story about the trip
  • As you watch and listen you discern new levels of awe and wonder, understanding, enthusiasm and motivation
  • You also notice this new respect for everything , this spring in the step
  • And the gratitude for the little holiday tour you had said yes to
Adventure Quests offers exactly such Tours…
  • highly customized for children in schools or colleges and linked with their institutional breaks with elements of mild adventure amidst nature
  • offering a perfect opportunity for growth in the child’s personality
  • making children culturally richer, enabling them to make more friends, develop greater global awareness
  • School tours are independent of college tours
  • Only tours under aegis and control of institutions and with faculty accompanying are accepted. Alternatively, a composite group with one parent accompanying for five children or youth as a member.
Help your child grow through activities that teach respect and oneness on the planet, promote a love for nature, self reliance and team spirit

We partner you in expanding the horizon levels of thinking of your child to help your child mature and blossom towards his or her role as a future leader through such trips to a country steeped in history and values.

Through active participation, through due care for safety and appropriate adult accompaniment we help a child enrich the spirit

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Give your child such a chance for growth and yourself the special joy of letting it happen.

Special 11 (or 14) day England Tour
for your child in School or College

A golden opportunity for your child (age 12 upwards) to visit England. What you can expect for your children is that they :
  • See first hand the English countryside, their way of life
  • Visit places of historical importance that have propelled the human race since a few hundred years
  • Undertake mild adventure activities, inculcate a love for outdoors and an outdoor hobby
  • Learn the values of discipline and organization that have led and sustained the quality of life in the west
  • Develop a world view from a younger age
  • Grow in self reliance, self confidence, self esteem and self management; develop a mature and polished personality
  • Make new friends; improve his or her inter personal skills
  • Learn to bear mild hardships as per age, a growth imperative
  • Learn to respect other communities, races and all humans and life in general
  • Learn to value heritage and preserve and protect our own
  • By being enabled to go for such a tour, understand the value of what parents and schools do for their children
  • Have a fun yet safe learning holiday away from school and family

Ask for details through our Inquiry cum Registration Form now

What this England tour will include for your child:
  • Visit a popular English National Park District, an idyllic Forest Park, a quality midlands Nature Reserve Park visited by people from the whole world
  • Verify Robin Hood’s famed haunts, bike in the heart of Midlands
  • Hike some of England’s scenic and interesting walking trails
  • Visit famous Oxford University; homes of some of England’s well known poet writers, including at Stratford; Avon river cruise
  • Visit a British school, interact with English students. Discern their different approaches to studies and promote growth
  • Visit main historical landmarks of London, Yorkshire, Windsor
  • A lake boat cruise, a caravan experience,
  • Tour stadium, museum, of England’s most famous soccer club
  • Thrilling Rides to rival Disneyland at the best UK Theme Park,
  • Spend two full days exploring the historical, royal and educative heart of London (one day in Edinburgh in the 14 day tour)
  • Visit English villages, check out English restaurants, food styles, Pub culture and of course the renowned British fish and chips
  • Cross most of England on its best highways through beautiful countryside; get a feel of UK train-subway-bus travel culture
  • Optional visits (by reducing London time, some extra costs) :
    • Mercedes-Benz World (drive an A-Class experience; 4-D simulations build-a-car/in-an-engine)
    • Inside a Concorde Tour
    • Lego Land
Ask for details through our Inquiry cum Registration Form now

Typical Cost Pattern

Typically the costs for the 11 day tour will include within England all accommodation (mostly twin sharing in hotels, odd planned as night caravan outings, odd room three sharing), all transportation , all meals, included activities and sight seeing included entry fees and rides as per itinerary, and will exclude the following costs to be arranged by the schools, colleges or parents concerned: airfares and taxes, visas, comprehensive travel insurance, medical related expenses of any nature and individual expenses of personal nature.
Current costs are £ 1800 per student with minimum group size comprising 10 children and one adult permitted free .
For larger groups (15 upwards) the costs per student/youth can be lower, numbers of faculty/parents adult permitted will be more than one. Details on request.

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