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Rajasthan adventure tour
Rajasthan adventure tour


Rajasthan adventure tour - Exploring a land of fables

Rajasthan adventure tour

Rajasthan Adventure Tours

With Adventure Quests you can participate in incredible Rajasthan adventure tours in a vast desert and semi - desert land where ancient customs and traditions still hold fort, and strongly so. In this great state your India adventure tour can comprise of a desert Rajasthan horse safari on the famous Indian horse breed, the Marwari, or it can be a Rajasthan camel safari, or an excellent Rajasthan motor bike tour, or a Rajasthan trek, or some exciting desert Rajasthan biking. Every Rajasthan adventure tour is a mini expedition. Rajasthan is already a well established tourist destination, but you can see it best if you choose a Rajasthan adventure tour that takes you into the heart of the state even as it lets you visit its main show piece cities and towns.

Given immediately below are very brief reviews of the possibilities of different Rajasthan adventure activities and you can read them before moving on to fuller details through the links at the bottom of this page. In case you haven't read the small write up about Rajasthan then you can still do so now by clicking on the link to right of the main heading above.

Rajasthan Horse Safaris

The Rajasthan Marwari horse will win you over with its comfort gait and easy temperament. Enjoy your Rajasthan tour through an adventure Rajasthan horse safari that could extend from 7 to 8 days to a whole month if you like. So join a Rajasthan horse safari Expedition (over 20 days on the Indian horse riding tour), or our Caravans (about 10 to 20 days on your India horse safari tour) or even one of our excellent Escapades (10 days or less). All in all you get to see Rajasthan like no where else, be with its village folk and revel the desert countryside and fauna. Touch the countryside and let the Rajasthan sands touch you as you ride past on a great adventure safari in India.

Browse our Itineraries for Horse safaris -


Rajasthan Camel Safaris

Like our horse safaris the Rajasthan Camel safaris also take you into the midst of nature, into the Rajasthan countryside amidst its people. The itinerary structure is much the same as for horses, basically the steed being different. Some of our safaris are of course dedicated only to camels as parts of the great Thar desert are seen best only on camel back. Soyou can read further as per the length of the Camel safari Rajasthan adventure tour that you want - an over 20 day Expedition, or a 10 to 20 day Caravan, or an about 10 day or so Escapade.

Rajasthan Motor bike tours

Adveture Quests has a choice selection of Rajasthan Motor Bike Tours, the one better than the other. This state has great roads and some demanding desert road stretches. A great way to see the state and enjoy some superb India adventure travel is to drive a motor cycle with a group and then visit Rajasthan. So study the Rajasthan motor biking tours on offer and register at the soonest for the next season.
Rajasthan Motor Bike Tours

Rajasthan Treks

Desert trekking can be fun in some specially chosen places. Do read our page on Rajasthan treks for deserts and then select the area where you want to go hiking. You can reach the page on Rajasthan treks by clicking here......Treks

Rajasthan Biking

Biking in Rajasthan is sheer fun. You cannot help but love doing it. A truly fun Rajasthan adventure tour is one which is covered mostly on bicycles. We have matched our biking itineraries to those of horse safari escapades, with minor variations to suit the different transport. So you can grab more details from our section on Escapades and then use our standard registration form to inquire for more details and register.

Plans for elders

These are special options for groups of elders or those in middle age with optimally designed adventures to fill the participants hearts with an enduring sense of deep fulfillment. Adventure is for all, only the scope and methods change to suit the effects of age on us all. Rajasthan is well suited for mild adventures for elders and comfortable outings away from all else into natures heart is feasible. You can inquire with details through our standard Registration Form or by Email.

Social supportive adventure

These suggestions to groups are to add value to the purpose of their visit - adventure. Being in remote regions, bearing very hot and harsh desert summers without much support, the tiny spread out desert hamlets and villages have not benefited from global growths, or even from India's growth. Here too we can optimally designed adventures to fill participating hearts with an enduring sense of deep fulfillment and joy in having helped an un-empowered community in a blessed way. You can inquire with details through our standard Registration Form or by Email.

Rajasthan - Valour and Pride in the desert

Rajasthan, like most of India, lives, breathes, speaks and retains its coveted uniqueness out there somewhere - in its villages, in its country-side, in its people, in its animals, in its wilderness. For those new to Rajasthan it is mentioned that this is a desert state, the desert itself being called the Thar Desert. The Thar covers about half the state and not all of it is typical sand dune desert. There are large barren flat lands with some rocky outcrops breaking the skyline. The rest of Rajasthan is semi-desert but water remains a scarce commodity in this region. In some of the larger towns water is being supplied through a few canals or pipelines. Only where it is freely available has the barren land been transformed to iridescent green.

The Rajasthanis are a proud warrior race. Apart from their innate pride, they possess a rare combination of humility, devotion and sincerity. Their heritage goes back several centuries and the colourful combination of a doughtily people eking their living in a desert countryside makes their culture worthy of being known.

The only way to really know this beautiful Indian state is to give it time and to melt into it on horseback. Or on camel back. Or by biking through it. Or by treks. Roaming the desert outdoors is the only way to touch the spirit of this exciting state. Live Rajasthan to know Rajasthan. For this adventure is the best way.

Join our expeditions, caravans and safaris for experiences that will bring you back again and again until Rajasthan claims you as its own. Learn to cherish the amazing Rajasthani breed of Marwari horses and its sturdy camels. The Marwari horse has an excellent physique and endurance. Its back is structured such that the rider is surprisingly comfortable. Its natural gait is gentle. It is desert friendly and has complete loyalty.


Our adventure itineraries are structured such that you can at once see the best of Rajasthan even as you experience the thrills that only India horse riding tours or India camel riding tours or some Rajasthan trekking or Rajasthan biking or Rajasthan motor cycle tours can bring. While we do plan sightseeing forays everywhere, the emphasis remains on adventure. We have on offer a vast array of itineraries for you. Evaluate them carefully.

All these itineraries notwithstanding, we are equally keen to work with you to customize one for you. Any Rajasthan adventure tour itinerary can be modified and re-structured. Any new Rajasthan adventure itinerary can be customized to your choice. If time is constrained you can consider doing the Expeditions in their Sub-Part(s) or try the shorter Caravans or Safaris by following links below.

So let Adventure Quests be a part of your India adventure travel holidays in this indescribable land as you adventure forth to enrich your spirit. Just visit the concerned pages on this site and select a Rajasthan adventure tour for your group and register. Enjoy your browsing

Expeditions:- Rajasthan Horse/Camel Safari outings of 20 days or more within Rajasthan
Festival linked Caravans:- Approx. 10 - 20 days Horse/Camel safaris within Rajasthan
Escapades:- Approx. 10 days or less of Rajasthan horse or camel riding holidays within Rajasthan..