Expedition II –Enduring the Thar - From Jodhpur to Jaisalmer and Barmer. Merge in the essence of this desert belt. See the colours and buoyant hardiness of its people. Let the safaris on horses and camels fill you with a humble joy that remains.
Pressed for time ?? - You can do this trip in one or more of its sub-parts.
Note: Alertness and care with the animals is a must at all times.
1. Intention. To let our love for adventure to enable us to become one with the Great Thar Desert, its people and their culture, its wildlife and to relish the sheer majesty of nature wrought in rocks and sand. To savour the joy that silence alone can offer. The Thar and Ladhak are India’s true, though vastly differing, deserts. Much of the soul of Rajasthan has evolved from the hardy conditions of the Thar and from the sturdiness that its residents acquired in coping with nature. Spend time without seeing too much tarmac, without too many souls about and with just the few of you, the horses or camels, their escorts and the few administrative help. Visit a few of the scant desert villages, measure their scanty resources and let the animal you ride be your best companion for a few days. Let the clear desert skies enthrall.

2. Duration. 20 unforgettable days within Rajasthan’s heart, which include halts at Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Barmer. Add a day or two for Delhi on the way in and out. We strongly suggest that this expedition be undertaken in one go for its full value to be realised. However the option of covering the trip in parts through any of the Sub-Parts outlined below may be used where time available is less.

3. Suggested modes of the ride. Horses for a few days out of Jodhpur and thereafter the better part of the journey on camels. Short jeep safaris to the areas of tourist interest in or around Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Barmer are included. Culminates in a three-day road odyssey back to Jodhpur.

4. Best time. October to mid March.

5. Age Profile. 18 years upwards, as per fitness.

6. Broad Itinerary. (We suggest the whole itinerary – however as per time availability the sub-parts can be undertaken independently).(Refer Map)

(a) Sub-Part I. Reception at Delhi airport, rest and recoup from your long international journey at a hotel and move to the start point, Jodhpur, by train/air. Heading westward, initially horse safari rides for a few days on our excellent breed of Marwari horses through the most interesting countryside, visiting villages, watching wild-life, visiting simple desert temples that are part of the folk lore of the region. Then we switch to camels. At one point the dunes become strong and beautiful, dotted with scraggly trees, usually thorny (India’s famous Keekar) and with their advent we switch to camels for four more days. The expedition concludes near Dangri whence the hop to Jaisalmer is by jeep. Two nights at Jaisalmer and a days jeep safari to the tourist areas around Jaisalmer. (Total 9 days including the Jaisalmer halt).

(b) Sub-Part II. The departure from Jaisalmer to near Khuri is by jeep. Then starts a long and delightful camel caravan to Barmer where we steer clear of as many roads as possible. Night halts are in camps, under the stars, or in Dhanis and hutments en-route. We bid the camels adieu short of Barmer and the short hop left to Barmer is by road. At Barmer there is a halt for two nights to rest and to sight-see. [Total duration 8 days including the halt at Barmer).

(c) Sub-Part III.This Sub-Section (a shorter trip) is a road odyssey where we take you back to Jodhpur through the interesting and comparatively greener and well–to-do belt of land that surrounds the Luni and Jawai basins. We visit Tilwara, Balotra, and Jalore and the Doli Wild Life Sanctuary en route. This eye opener will reveal clearly the diversity of the great state of Rajasthan. You get a chance to interact with people of the same state but different backgrounds and coming. An entirely different perspective from what we spent the first two weeks on emerges. End at Jodhpur from where the expedition started in Rajasthan. (Total duration 3 days).

(d) From Jodhpur by overnight train to Delhi and fly back home with plans for the next adventure trip to other parts of the great Rajasthan already taking shape in the mind.

7. Accommodation. This will be a mix of hotels, heritage locations, tents both luxurious and small, home stays and the odd night under the stars. Changes can be made to suit specific participant requirements.

8. Cost of Basic Itinerary above (Delhi airport back to Delhi airport).

(a) Our tariff is all inclusive in India and based on a group of 10 or more for the basic itinerary suggested above.. This includes airport transfers, hotel and basic sightseeing costs at Delhi, Agra and at all halts in Rajasthan en route, train fare, costs of the horse and/or camel rides, costs of bike rentals and service and maintenance throughout the trip, tips, accommodation (twin sharing), water and all meals. However international air-fares, airport taxes, visa charges, duty on any items and personal expenditure such as drinks, laundry, tobacco, telephone charges, camera charges where applicable and individual expenses incurred away from the plan for the group are excluded. Costing details based in finalized plans on request.’

(b) Registration. As winter is the peak tourist period it is essential that Registration be done at least four months prior to arrival. Half the determined costs of this Expedition to be paid on registration and the balance to be paid six weeks prior to arrival.

9. Changes in the itinerary, if requested, can be worked out and costs evaluated separately. Or, any other specified itinerary can be developed to match your interests.