Expedition V – Glorious fun - A bit of everything – cycles, long horse safaris, camel back trips, trekking, jeep drives – taking in the wide diversity of Rajasthan from the heights of Abu down to Jaisalmer and Bikaner with forays into the Marwar, Mewar and later in the Shekawati region.
Pressed for time ?? - You can do this trip in one or more of its sub-parts.
Note: Alertness and care with the animals is a must at all times.
1. Intention. To allow true adventure to enable us to see the bulk of Rajasthan and to let it show us avenues to experince the many hues of Rajasthan as we study the diverse and the changing terrain, people and culture of Rajasthan.

2. Duration. 27 glorious days of fun, frolic, adventure and education within Rajasthan. Add a day or two for Delhi on the way in and out. We strongly suggest that this expedition be undertaken in one go for its full value to be realised. However the option of covering the trip in parts through any of the Sub-Parts outlined below may be used where time available is less.

3. Suggested modes of the ride. Horse safaris, camel safaris, road safaris and bicycles will be used for different parts of this adventurous journey. Short treks in the Aravalli range are included In view of the vast distances some road moves are inescapable.

4. Best time. October to mid March.

5. Age Profile. 18 years upwards, as per fitness.

6. Broad Itinerary. (We suggest the whole itinerary – however as per time availability the sub-parts can be done independently). (Refer Map)

(a) Reception at Delhi airport, rest and recoup from your long international journey at a hotel. Time permitting sightseeing for a day or half a day.

(b) Sub-Part I. Catch the night super fast luxury train to Abu Road and next morning enjoy your breakfast in beautiful Mount Abu. A day to take in the sights of this great town and the next day we are away on bicycles towards Jalore which we reach the subsequent day and halt over. Near Jalore we have our first introduction to the Marwari horse, a great desert breed that will continue to amaze you every day. We ride in among some unique ravines and desert plains of Jalore, Sirohi and Pali districts over three days and then bid farewell for the moment and hit the road to Udaipur taking in the breathtaking temples at Ranakpur on the way. We halt for two nights at Udaipur and take in the heritage of the city and the nearby historic and famed Chittaurgarh fort to complete our sojourn into the Mewar heart of the Rajasthan. (Total 9 days since we left Delhi by train).

(c) Sub-Part II. An early exit from Udaipur past Eklingji and Char Buja temples and we have an exhilarating drive to Kumbalgarh where we see the fort. The next morning finds us away on a trek amidst the wonderful Aravalli hills. Two days of mild, but exciting treks with a night halt in a small camp next to the Thandi Beri lagoon from where we move to Narlai to make friends with the steeds who will carry us on the next part of the journey – again the truly amazing Marwari horse, pride of the Marwar plains to which we have descended. The next day we ride all over the Marwar plains in the vicinity of Desuri and Ghanerao making forays into villages where handicraft work is still active and where the rock formations are captivating. Further into the Marwar we head and three great days of riding gets us past the Luni River and many Bishnoi villages close to Jodhpur, the Eastern gateway to the Thar desert. A days halt at Jodhpur is inescapable and we head by road towards Osiyan and its interesting heritage. That’s when we acknowledge the need to switch to the ship of the desert – the worthy camel. (Total 9 days).

(d) Sub-Part III. The camel safari, in three days, gets us to Keechan and Phalodi where we transfer our tired beings into a bus to get us to catch the sunset at Jaisalmer. Two nights at Jaisalmer with jeep safaris to the heritage spots surrounding it before we head for Bikaner by road, via Kolayat. Two nights and a day at Bikaner and we transfer by road to the Shekawati region which is an absolute must as we study on horseback over two days the changing face of Rajasthan’s art and havelis of this amazing area, many just crumbling away. After two nights in the Shekawati we drive to Jaipur where we spend a night and half a day before we turn towards Delhi by road. (Total 9 days).

(e) A day at Delhi to rest, see what more we can, shop and prepare ourselves for the night flight home during which plans for the next adventure trip to other parts of the colourful and superb Rajasthan will be taking shape in the mind.

7. Accommodation. This will be a mix of hotels, heritage locations, tents both luxurious and small, home stays and the odd night under the stars. Changes can be made to suit specific participant requirements.

8. Cost of Basic Itinerary above (Delhi airport back to Delhi airport).

(a) Our tariff is all inclusive in India and based on a group of 10 or more for the basic itinerary suggested above.. This includes airport transfers, hotel and basic sightseeing costs at Delhi, Agra and at all halts in Rajasthan en route, train fare, costs of the horse and/or camel rides, costs of bike rentals and service and maintenance throughout the trip, tips, accommodation (twin sharing), water and all meals. However international air-fares, airport taxes, visa charges, duty on any items and personal expenditure such as drinks, laundry, tobacco, telephone charges, camera charges where applicable and individual expenses incurred away from the plan for the group are excluded. Costing details based in finalized plans on request.’

(b) Registration. As winter is the peak tourist period it is essential that Registration be done at least four months prior to arrival. Half the determined costs of this Expedition to be paid on registration and the balance to be paid six weeks prior to arrival.

9. Changes in the itinerary, if requested, can be worked out and costs evaluated separately. Or, any other specified itinerary can be developed to match your interests.