Mo-bike Endeavour – IV – Go the sandy way before you reach the rocks and the plains. Let northern and western Rajasthan precede the more commonly visited central regions. From the havelis of the Shekawati to the ravines near Jalore, along the Aravallis and then the Taj.
1. Intention. To allow the pleasures of driving mo-bikes to flourish as we examine the diverse terrain and cultural contributions that have shaped the great people and state of Rajasthan, focusing mostly on the rock and sand extents and hills as we drive mostly in a counter clockwise manner through the state’s northern, western and central parts. If embellished with horse and/or camel safaris this will be great outing, a fore-runner of many more for which you will surely return.

2. Duration. 19 days of driving action within Rajasthan. Additional two to three days to cater for Delhi on the way in and out.

3. Best time. October to March

4. Age Profile. 18 years upwards, as per fitness.

5. Broad Itinerary.(Refer Map)

(a) Transfer from airport to a hotel to rest and recoup and a full or half day sight seeing depending on arrival timings. (For those that have visited Delhi earlier the halt at Delhi can be minimized)

(b) The main trip starts from Delhi from where we reach the heart of the Shekawati directly. Giving the havelis and culture of this interesting region two days and two nights we head on to Bikaner which again merits a day and two nights. South-by-south-west takes us to Jaisalmer where we halt for two nights and a day and go on from that interesting historical land to the heart of the great desert – Barmer where we have one night and another half a day to see the place before the wheels are turning again. (Total 7 nights).

(c) East it is now and Balotra shows the way to Jalore and its many riches. (An excellent horse safari escapade opportunity in very unique and exciting ravines and rocky hills exists near Jalore. If you like to grab hold of it then ask for it as an addition to the basic plan). The next day is for climbing as we pass Jaswantpura for the pretty hills of Mount Abu. Love of hills is now the order as we drive through the Bhorat Plateau where Jaswantpura now turns into a garh and Sayra and Sadri are the beacons pointing to Ghanerao and Kotdi – the home of the Marwari breed of equines reputed for its temperament and ease of riding. Two days can now be best spent on horse back as we explore the Ranakpur – Kumbalgarh belt of the Aravallis. (Horse safari is an alternative to bikes for these two days). From Narlai we head further east to the supremely pretty city of Udaipur which will eat up whatever little of your heart has not been captured by the Rajasthan visited to date. (Total 6 nights).

(d) Udaipur deserves its two nights and two days before we wend our way to Chittaur and its proud history. A night there and off we go to Ajmer and Pushkar. A night there and then two nights at Jaipur finish off this brief offering of the charms of Rajasthan. (6 nights).

(e) From Jaipurwe head for Agra as on the way as the Bharatpur Keolade