Safari Escapades in Rajasthan
Short safari adventures for those with less time at hand. (10 days or less within Rajasthan, add for days spent in Delhi or elsewhere).
You can take your pick of horse safaris in which you will be riding the much loved Marwari horse, a steed of steadfast loyalty and ease of gait. A breed that has served well in battle. .
You can take your pick of horse safaris in which you will be riding the much loved Marwari horse, a steed of steadfast loyalty and ease of gait. A breed that has served well in battle. .
Or you can do the trip on bikes, filled with interest and vigour.
Note : Common aspects for all Safari Escapades :
1. Age: 16 upwards as per fitness

2. Accommodation: This will be a mix of hotels, heritage locations, tents luxurious or small, home stays and the odd night under the stars. Changes can be made to suit specific participant requirements.

3. Arrangements at Delhi : Reception, transfer to a hotel, sightseeing as per time availability. Departure by train or air for the designated location from where we start the desert adventures. On return a brief halt or move direct to international airport to take the return flight home.

4. Best time. October to mid March.

5. Age Profile. 18 years upwards, as per fitness.

6. Costs of Itineraries below (International airport Delhi back to the International airport at Delhi) :

(a) Our plans are all inclusive in India and based on a group of 10 or more for the basic itinerary suggested above. This includes airport transfers, hotel and basic sightseeing costs at Delhi, Agra and at all halts in Rajasthan en route, train fare, costs of the horse and/or camel rides, costs of bike rentals and service and maintenance throughout the trip, tips, accommodation (twin sharing), water and all meals. However international air-fares, airport taxes, visa charges, duty on any items and personal expenditure such as drinks, laundry, tobacco, telephone charges, camera charges where applicable and individual expenses incurred away from the plan for the group are excluded. Costing details based on finalized plans on request.

(b) Registration. As winter is the peak tourist period it is essential that Registration be done at least four months prior to arrival. Half the determined costs of this Expedition to be paid on registration and the balance to be paid six weeks prior to arrival.

(c) Changes in the itinerary, if requested, can be worked out and costs evaluated separately. Or, any other specified itinerary can be developed to match your interests.

Safari Escapade –XIV – Camel region – the great Thar. Long camel rides from dune to dune, the lure of the quiet country. The sands, the stars, the camels and us. Khuri to Rajmathai. 10 days of adventure and fun within Rajasthan. (Refer Map)

We leave Delhi for Jodhpur by the night train and the first day in Rajasthan is spent in seeing this glorious and historic city with its fort and palaces. Overnight in a hotel.

Day 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 from Delhi. We leave next morning by road for Jaisalmer via Osiyan, a small captivating historic and heritage spot where we have an early lunch and move on to Jaisalmer in time to catch a beautiful sunset over the dunes. The next day we spend seeing Jaisalmer, taking a road safari to places around Jaisalmer and preparing for our camel safari. On Day 4 we drive to Khuri, known for its winter tourist camps. There we commence our camel safari and for six days we are by ourselves in the vast desert, camping under the stars and visiting hamlets and dhanis where we see the local population living close to nature and nurturing both their livestock and wild-life, seeing them at work weaving and coping with the desert. Each evening is its own cultural programme with most cameleers being bards of their own kind. Meals are hot, even if simple and you can pitch in whatever way you wish. Wild life can be seen close by as we move. The first day is confined to a deep foray into the Desert National Park that extends all around that area. We return to Khuri for the night. Our next two night halts on Days 5 and 6 are Ugawa Ki Dhani/Megha and Vinjorai.

Days 7, 8 and 9. Three days of long ranging rides follow as we camp first on the lovely dunes of Dangri. Next we cross the desert to Arang and finally on the last day of the safari we reach Rajmathai where the safari is at an end and we camp out for the last time. A sweet evening around the campfire rounds up the event. Here we bid the camels adieu.

Days 10. The last day in Rajasthan is spent in the drive back to Jodhpur where we finish our sightseeing of the city and after dinner take the overnight train to Delhi.

At Delhi we spend the day resting or shopping and then head for the airport to take the flight back home.