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Rajasthan Horse Safari, Camel Safari
Rajasthan Horse Safari, Camel Safari
Rajasthan Horse Safari, Camel Safari

Discerning the Heart of Rajasthan - India desert Rajasthan Horse Safaris and Rajasthan Camel Safaris

Unique, longer, Rajasthan Adventure Tours

Adventure Quests welcomes you to very special Horse Safaris in Rajasthan and also to Camel Safaris in Rajasthan. Each of these Indian desert safaris is planned to give you over 20 days of actual adventure within Rajasthan and also let you see a lot more of this great state in India. The adventure tour can be done by riding either the wonderful Rajashan Marwari horses or camels. Ideally you can mix the trip, which is what we suggest as doing a part as an India horse safari and in part as an India camel safari gives you a fully comprehensive adventure. The principal heritage towns of Rajasthan are also covered with few road safaris adding to the luster of your India adventure.

For a somewhat shorter adventure tour in Rajasthan you can investigate our Caravans and Escapades by following the links at the end of this page. Besides we will vary any tour, or customize a Rajasthan adventure tour, should you so desire.

Please go through the itineraries as below:-
Expedition I - Rajasthan par Excellence - from the Vindhyachal to    the Thar - the ULTIMATE dynamic experience of Rajasthan as you    start with the Vindhyachal Range, progress to the Mewar plains    and low hills, then the magnificent elderly Aravalli range, onto the    great Marwar plains and then at last the Great Thar Desert. 28 of    the best days of your life are spent on this trip within Rajasthan.    Pressed for time ?? - You can do this trip in one or more of its parts. (E 1)

Expedition II - Enduring the Thar - From Jodhpur to Jaisalmer and    Barmer - Merge in the essence of this desert belt. See the colours    and buoyant hardiness of its people. Let the safaris on horses and    camels fill you with a humble joy that remains. 20 unforgettable    days within Rajasthan's heart. Pressed for time ?? - You can do this trip    in one or more of its parts. (E 2)

Expedition III - A sweet adventure through the center of    Rajasthan astride and along the beautiful Aravalli Range -    Covering both Mewar and Marwar and then onto Pushkar. You    spend 23 unforgettable days within the best of Rajasthan. Pressed    for time ?? - You can do this trip in one or more of its parts. (E 3)

Expedition IV - Joy amidst humility - the adventure of riding    through the superb arena of the Shekawati only to be humbled by    the last vestiges of magnificent art forms and heritage of an era    not far bygone that may not be around for too long. Then to    Bikaner and the Thar with Jaisalmer and Jodhpur, riding exploits    in the Aravallis and at last the Mewar. 25 exciting and    adventurous days within Rajasthan, to be cherished and    remembered. Pressed for time ?? - You can do this trip in one or more of    its parts. (E 4)

Expedition V - Glorious fun - A bit of everything - cycles, long    horse safaris, camel back trips, trekking, jeep drives - taking in    the wide diversity of Rajasthan from the heights of Mount Abu    down to Jaisalmer and Bikaner with forays into the Marwar, Mewar    and later in the Shekawati region. These will be 27 glorious days    of fun, frolic, adventure and education within Rajasthan. Pressed for    time ?? - You can do this trip in one or more of its parts. (E 5)


Allow yourself a superb Rajasthan adventure tour. Select a horse safari tour or a camel safari tour, or even seek a combination. Allow us to customize your Rajasthan adventure tour such that it serves as a welcome India adventure travel for you. If you haven't gone over the Rajasthan horse safari or Rajasthan camel safari itineraries listed above then do so, carefully - they have been prepared keeping your group in mind. You can see many more shorter Rajasthan adventure tours by following the links below for Caravans (these are Rajasthan Festival linked tours) or for Escapades. Having selected some options query us through our standard registration form by following the links provided with each India adventure travel itinerary given above. Then you can register. Have fun as you browse, we believe time spent browsing is never wasted..

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