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Herbert,  Boston, USA:

I'm a travel correspondent and I tour the world writing about biking and skiing adventures. Virender Sehgal of Adventure Quests, a retired Brigadier of  the Indian Army, organized my latest cycling trip to India, It was one of the best in over 40 such trips I have experienced.

The trip was customized to the exact time, activity level and fine hotel quality I desired. The cost was a fraction of that charged by the big name companies. The attention to detail was extraordinary. Our van was modern and, as I had declined a guide, was given detailed daily instructions, maps, and restaurant suggestions.
I received a warm personal welcome by the managers at each hotel.
Imaginative alternatives were offered to moderate my usual compulsion to cycle ridiculous distances each day.

I can confidently recommend Adventure Quests to anyone seeking a superbly organized adventure. You e-mail me at hkavet@comcast.net  with any questions or for more details.

Virender, … thank you for so many things. The trip was ideal and one of the best we have ever taken … thank you for all the individual attention you gave to us in planning this trip and in following up daily

Karen, Massachusetts, USA:
We are so grateful to you for putting together such a perfect itinerary for our stay in India. I have looked at other Rajasthan itineraries including on-line and know that our trip was a hundred times better than any of them. We spent so many days biking on such quiet roads in places we know tourists never get to see.
There are not enough accolades to describe the trip that Virender, of Adventurequests.net, put together for us. Our demands were great: lots of good biking on quiet roads every day, not too much time in the van, nice accommodations, not too many tourist attractions, no shopping. Virender was very attentive to our desires and laid out a trip for us that managed to fulfill all those criteria. We stayed at lovely, and sometimes sumptuous, hotels; we biked on quiet roads in areas where Westerners were truly an oddity; we saw exquisite forts, temples and palaces. We rode on horseback and camelback. We visited local villages. We ate great food.

You did a great job Virender! Thanks,  we had a truly spectacular vacation.

Ina and Lewis Heafitz

67 Berkeley Suite, Newton, USA
[ Email:  “Ina Heafitz” <iheafitz@mac.com> ]

"Lewis and I had been to India once before and had then planned the trip ourselves. It was terrific to visit India and we couldn't wait to return. Our impression of India is summed up in this picture of Varanasi. Everywhere you look something different is happening, there are people everywhere, it is spiritual, it is mundane, it is colorful, it is intense, but there is always something.
This time we decided to get some help and Virender was very highly recommended by a friend of a friend. What a find ! Virender became involved in the planning and executing of the trip. Most importantly, he was in constant contact with us throughout the trip and interested in our well being , progress, and safety. He was not only a mentor but became a friend and gave us insight into life in India that was beyond what a typical tourist would encounter. An example of his contributing to our adventure, above and beyond
the call of duty, was his accompanying us to the train station to get from Varanasi to NJP. The bridge over the Ganges was under construction and traffic was very difficult (to say the least). Only because Virender had made a special trip to Varanasi just to accompany us to the station at midnight, and of necessity directing traffic himself, were we able to finally get to the train station to continue our fascinating trip. Where in the world does one find a tour planner that is interested in getting that involved!

Virender gets our 5 Star recommendation. We are available to discuss his merits at any time. If anyone has any questions, they are welcome to contact us by e-mail.
(ina@heafitz.com). Our only wish is that all trip experiences are as pleasant and interesting as ours.

Lewis and I are still getting used to being home.  It really was quite a trip that we will never forget.  His help and guidance was invaluable and left us free to experience everything, and we mean everything, but that is India which we like so much. We are constantly talking about our trip and how we, really he, were able to put it all together and how pleased we are … …”


42 Sears Road, Wayland, MA 01778 USA,
[ Email: “Rachel” <rerjmr@verizon.net> ]“.... I write to express our gratitude to you, Virender. We all feel extremely lucky to have had you as our trip planner and guardian during our visit to India. When I think back over all we did and all we saw, I feel so lucky. We covered a lot of ground and had pretty much the right mix of touring and just wandering around on our own- both of which we love to do. The hotels where we stayed were all so different, mostly really wonderful, some outstanding, and all added their own personality to our stay. It really was a memorable experience on many levels.

And a large part of the experience was all the people we met and hearing their stories. We loved getting to know our guides and drivers and especially enjoyed meeting and talking with you….

…. While it is very good to be home, I do miss the sights, the sounds, the smells and all the gracious people that we encountered every day in India. Had a truly, truly memorable, wonderful time. Virender could not have been more attentive, or kinder. We are very grateful to our friends for making the connection with him.
Thanks you so much again Virender, for all your attention to our comfort and safety, and all your planning that has left us with a treasury of indelible memories ….. ”


Boston, USA.
[Email: "Reck, Joel M." <JReck@brownrudnick.com>]

“..… Thanks for orchestrating such a fabulous trip for us. Your flexibility in the planning of our trip and your daily telephone calls and "hands on" management of our experience in India went way beyond what I anticipated and way beyond any other travel experience that I have had in many trips to different parts of the world.

From meeting and briefing us on our arrival, to travelling to Varanasi and taking us to the train station to be sure that we got on the right car, and in just so many other ways, you took responsibility for every aspect of our trip, including the complicated logistical aspects of it.

As I said to you at dinner the night before our trip ended, I consider you a very special new friend and am very grateful to you for all that you did for us. I especially enjoyed our conversations and learned a lot from you about India and  ….. “

Ashwini  (subri1211@gmail.com),  Mohan  (jeevanadi@gmail.com)  and
 (umesh.svdevelopers@gmail.com) Bangalore, India

Umesh,   Mohan and I (Ashwin, the group leader), three childhood friends from Bangalore, have just returned from one amazing outing on Bullet 500 cc motorcycles in the Himalayas. The trip was created for us by Virender  Sehgal whom I was lucky to locate on the internet. It has been one of the best organized trips that any of us has ever undertaken. Virender selected an excellent team and support staff of guide, mechanic, etc and with great eye for detail set up the tour on an excellent route.
We loved every minute of the trip. Driving on bikes in those rugged mountains  and wilderness of the Great Himalayas where we were one with nature was the biggest joy.  It was a journey into fairy-tale, a once in a life time experience that can’t be expressed in words, or not even by visuals. For that the careful route selection, keeping in mind our requirements, taking us through all kinds of diverse mountains in Himachal, over passes more than 4550 metres high and achieving so much in just eight days – for that the credit goes to Virender. Further he followed up at every stage and because of that, because of his dependable staff in our team and of course because of our own over flowing  enthusiasm, we had a trip that we will remember and talk about for very long.
After this we are already looking forward to the next  tour with Virender to explore other  little visited areas, and without doubt  the Adventure Quests’  touch will back us to the hilt so that all we will have to do is just drive and relish the experience, just like this time.  Our respective contact details are  "ashwin kumar" <subri1211@gmail.com> ,  Sreenidhi Builders <jeevanadi@gmail.com> , and  umesh.svdevelopers@gmail.com .   For any information please do contact us.

Anne and Sebastian Fargues and family
(France, India)

[Email:  alcastets@voila.fr]

I asked at least 6 quotes to different travel agencies for our trip in Kerala in January 2010. Virender was very reactive and he really listened to our needs.
The trip was very well organized which we really appreciated as we were travelling with young children , but that was no surprise at all. Our driver too was very good and professional. Virender was perfect and so friendly. He called very often to be sure that everything was ok.
He was very open minded and always ready to please us.  If something was not possible he was able to offer alternatives.  It is the best agency we have found in India ! So well organized. The children were so happy and went back home with plenty of memories .We had previous experiences before with others agencies and we got always stressed and there were always problems etc…
.I can confidently recommend Adventure Quests to anyone seeking an  organized adventure ( especially with children). We are so glad we have found our travel agency for our next trips thank you so much Virender … we are very pleased with your services and I keep you email for next time and for my friend….…. Again thank you. 
Sebastien, Jerome, Laura, Tamara et Timothιe
Christine and Eric Cody(USA)

[Email:  CodyEnergy1@verizon.net]
The trip was extraordinary and memorable in spite of the fact that we were exhausted from the first ten days we spent ……… The six-day itinerary you prepared for us helped us recover and enjoy what Tamil Nadu and Kerala have to offer.

Overall, we were very pleased with the arrangements you made on our behalf and felt we got great value for the money we spent. Your fee was approximately half that of another India-based travel agent we got a price quote from so that's saying quite a lot.
The accommodation met or exceeded our expectations. The hotels were very nice and the houseboat cruise on the Kerala backwaters was an extraordinary interlude that we would absolutely encourage others to experience. The drivers met us at the airports exactly as described and were nice people. And the personal touch you applied in sending us ………… and calling us several times during our travel in India went well beyond what we expected.

It was reassuring to have someone like you coach us as we prepared for our trip and answer our questions in advance. Although we are fairly seasoned travelers, we had never been to a place quite like India. South India is indeed a special place and our trip was truly memorable.
Thanks for all your kind assistance and outstanding service, Virender! Christine is already talking about returning to India someday to spend more time in ….. photo of us on the beach includes Sneha, the twelve year old girl we sponsor and the main reason we came to India in the first place …….

Jenny and Ildar Nizami (USA)

[Email: nildar98@yahoo.com]
My family and I would really like to thank your company and you for making this trip to India a wonderful and safe experience for us. We had an amazing time, and it has been one of our more exotic destinations. The guides, the driver, and just the overall service had exceeded our expectations. I would like to say how grateful we were to the driver who went above and beyond to help us out, despite language barrier. He was a very competent driver and we felt secure driving around India with him. He was always on time and helped with any questions or new ideas we might have had. Also, all the guides were on time and very helpful with the overall excursions and shopping. The guide in Agra, was especially knowledgeable and gave a great and inspiring guided tour, he spoke with great clarity and was very helpful with any questions or concerns we had.

We wanted to personally thank you for all your calls and helpful advises in India. My family and I enjoyed your choice for the Agra hotel. The view was spectacular.
Overall, our experience in India has been a success. My family loved Taj Mahal and Delhi, and will definitely book with your company for future tours.

Thank you and your staff for your help.
- Nizami Family
Jacqueline and Llyod (Canada)

[Email: j_trog@hotmail.com ]
Lloyd and I are well seasoned backpackers who are very leery of tours.  Arunachal Pradesh is a special area of India that requires permits and ideally a guide and driver. It was not possible for us to visit this remarkable area of India on our own. Virender totally customized a trip just for us. Still, our largest concern was that our experience would be watered down because we would not be fending for ourselves and not working directly with local people. We never could have imagined how absolutely wrong we were. In 20 years of traveling our trip to North East India and Uttar Pradesh (Varanasi and Agra) was one of, if not, the best we've ever had.

Every day was planned as a feast for the senses.  In having such a guide we learned and experienced more each day than would have otherwise been possible.  In having such a driver (who was remarkably safe and conscientious) we made incredible use of our valuable vacation days and visited far more places than we could have if we had traveled on our own. We learned about customs, tasted fantastic foods, saw incredible sights and met the most genuinely sincere and caring tribal and other people. We left our hearts in India that is for sure. Both our driver and our guide ended up being as much our friends as anything. They were just terrific and wonderful to spend 2 and a half weeks with!

We do not know what our trip would have been without Virender. I feel he is India to me.  His attention to detail is remarkable. His outlook on life is spiritual. His ability to care for us "strangers" is without bounds. Faced with any travel issues, including flight changes within Canada at the start and with numerous other matters when in India the response was always on the dot. Thank you Virender. We have had an astounding trip and have made a truly wonderful friend for life across the globe !

Mausumi  Ganguly, Kolkata (India)

[Email: mausumig@hotmail.com]

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip March 2010 to Kullu, Manali and Gushiani. We received help and advice that made our trip meaningful and stress free. The arrangements were made such that we faced no problems at all.
Your advice on selecting some places as a destination worth visiting was great. The beauty is indeed pristine and as yet unravaged by man!
Oh yes, my children enjoyed the white water rafting in the Beas and walking in the snow at Gulaba on the road to Jalori Pass.
The travel arrangements were economical and the hotels pleasant, some excellent with respect to ambience ,food & staff .. .. the driver was an excellent driver & we felt happy & secure in his company. Once again thanks for planning out our trip.

The Blumberg Family, Buffalo, NY (USA)

[Email: Tara Singer-Blumberg tsinger@nysutmail.org , Ken Blumberg blumsindia@hotmail.com]

Virender is the best! From the moment we landed, he was in constant contact - always making sure that our tours were proceeding smoothly. Everything we planned with him went off without a hitch. We highly recommend Virender, particularly if this is your first trip to India.

Virender, We are just getting back to our routine here. I have told so many people already what a wonderful experience we had on our trip and how great you were to work with. We really took a leap of faith in booking our trip with you, and the outcome could not have been more positive. Thanks for being there throughout.

I also want to stress how all the guides and drivers were wonderful . …. I highly recommend them to you for future clients. They were great.

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