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Ian Staples, New Zealand ( ian@ashridge.co.nz )

 Thanks very much for your email and yes we are well and truly back and settled. However can’t stop thinking about how good a trip for all of us this was. Probably one of the best we all agreed. Incredible India is a very special place and we will certainly be back one day and of course will be in touch with you when we do.

 Your attention to detail was second to none. So we must thank you again and maybe next time we will have a chance to meet up. For us India is about the people. India of course has many beautiful temples and magnificent forts but it is the people who are so friendly and welcoming.

 Incredible India is one of the most fascinating countries we have visited. We booked a full month program with Virender. The whole experience was with nothing to fault. Virender's attention to detail and his continual concern about our daily movements was very impressive.

We will in future and have already recommended Virender's services to our friends. And do encourage anyone thinking of travelling to India to contact Virender and Adventure Quests to make their trip to India very special.

Chetan. D, Bangalore  ( chetand@airtelmail.in )

It took three months to find a few words to describe our trip to Ladakh in June. That's how stunned we were of our journey through that land. The natural beauty was always there for the adventurous to find, as it was for us. And our group rose to the challenge.

God may have made Ladakh, but Adventure Quests made our expedition there.  Our whole group of 3 4WD jeeps/suvs and 5 bikes with 17 people truly believe it would not have been half as enjoyable without the military style planning and execution by Adventure Quests, particularly Virender Sehgal. It was a challenge that for some of us started from Delhi and Amritsar, for some from Jammu and took us over many thousand km of roads, over the highest mountain passes and distant lakes, past Kashmir, Kargil, Ladhak, Zanskar, Lahaul, Manali and finally brought us down to Chandigarh.

From the outset, every single aspect ranging from comfort, safety, health, distance and weather was thoroughly analysed and the plan was laid down with great thought to detail. It was so surgically conducted that we had all the time to enjoy the expedition without having to worry about any other basics.
Most people may think this kind of a trip is a once in a lifetime journey,but we are going again soon, if not to the same coordinates, to somewhere a little east......  and we are not putting our new expedition in the hills in the hands of any one other than the good para-trooper from Adventure Quests. I am afraid, these few lines are just not even barely sufficient to describe the fine job this team did; our thanks to them for these great memories and enduring photos
Roger Bates, UK,  ( batesrog@hotmail.co.uk )
 When we (my cousin Nicky, her husband Brian and I) first started planning our trip,  we had several objectives. Firstly we were responding to an invitation to be present at the inauguration of a new Buddhist stupa at a village in the Indus valley. Secondly we wanted to follow in the footsteps of an uncle who had travelled in Ladakh in the 1930s, leaving a unique photographic record of his journey. At the same time, we wanted to see as much of this spectacular area as possible in the time available. As none of us had visited India before, we needed a tour organiser prepared to put together this varied package and synchronize it with our own arrangements.

Fortunately we were put in touch with Virender Sehgal of Adventure Quests, who met this brief admirably, and at a very reasonable price.

As we were rather short of time, we chose to fly direct from Delhi to Leh,  the capital of Ladakh. This meant arriving at an altitude of 3500 m, with the need to acclimatize fully before embarking on the more strenuous stages of our tour. Virender was meticulous in setting out our four day acclimatisation programme of monastery visits and fairly gentle walks – based on an excellent hotel in Leh.

Once acclimatized, the tour continued with our visit to the stupa inauguration near the village of Temisgam, some 60 km down the Indus valley. We had arranged this part ourselves, with Virender providing transport to the village, accommodation at a guest house, and a pickup and return to Leh via several other monastery locations where we were able to revisit scenes of our uncle’s previous visit eighty years earlier. Despite the divided responsibilities, all these arrangements slotted in seamlessly, and we arrived back at the Omasila ready for the next stage – a road trip of around 900 km, taking in the spectacular Tso Moriri lake near the Tibetan border and a drive across the Himalaya ranges to the hill station of Manali, en route back to Delhi.

Accommodation for this stage (Tso Moriri) was in tented camps, run by  cheerful staff doing their best to provide basic comforts under sometimes quite challenging conditions. Had it not been for the intervention of the weather, I am sure our journey would have proceeded smoothly to Manali, as planned. However, at Sarchu, a camp site in the middle of the Himalayas, overnight snowfall (some six weeks earlier than usual!), closed the road south and left us stranded for two days, out of touch with the rest of the world.  Eventually we learnt that the road back to Leh was drivable (just), so we decided to return that way and attempt to get flights back to Delhi. As we approached Leh, we were able to contact Virender to let him know of the unscheduled change of plan. Despite it being 7.00 p.m. on Sunday evening, Virender immediately organised two nights hotel accommodation in the already overbooked and overflowing town of Leh and checked the availability of Delhi flights. As it turned out, this sudden last minute meant travelling business class, but that was a small price to pay for making our onward connections out of Leh to continue the rest of our travel as per the time schedule planned.

 Despite the disappointment of not reaching Manali as planned, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience, which had one surprise bonus at the end – the quite unexpected sighting of a snow leopard on the way down from the highest pass that we crossed, Tanglang La.

We also had nothing but praise for our driver, Surchey, who took us over what must be one of the most hazardous roads in the world, yet with none of the nail-biting moments we might have expected.

So, Virender, our sincere thanks, and we would certainly recommend Adventure Quests to anyone considering a tour in Indian Himalaya.
Lynn Messervy, New Zealand  ( lmesserv1@gmail.com )

Hi Virender. ... back a week but our minds are still buzzing with India. . Mumbai airport was really quite comforting to know security was so tight.

 Firstly, the plan was well executed, we were fully engaged. Absolutely loved Old Dehli and the Hotel was good as was the restaurants ... the sort of place we like. We fell in love with Indian food there and this continued throughout the trip.

 Taj Mahal (taj View Rom was great, doesn't get much better) worked well as did Fatehpur Sikri, saw a cobra and wild life in Keoladeo, Here too the Indian restaurant was a joy.

 Enjoyed Japuir with the guide who took us to a places including to get Indian sweets. They were delicious. Rest of Jaipur was great and the hotel was a treasure. Exactly the type of place we like. On the motor way cows. camels, trucks and more trucks women in lovely colored saris, black goats and so on. Biking around Chittor fort was your wonderful way of doing it.

 Udaipur. We really enjoyed it. We had time to ourselves to wander around the old city, go to markets, bu some spices. We have become enamoured by Chai Masala, The Ranakpur temples I am glad we saw, in a way I was in greater awe of them than the Taj Mahal. ... serene, peaceful just lovely.

 To the desert .... The motor way is one thing, sand hills are another. A lot of excitement seeing peacocks, rural villages with children playing cricket. I did see mud floors in homes ... women in brightly colored Saris working on a courtyard and fence... a camel ride, saw the sun set. We went to a ethnic music and dancing show ... very traditional and not often seen. Night in camp...

Off to Mumbai, running along Chowpatty, India Gate, coffee at The Taj Palace, Colaba markets and Leopolds cafe ... and made it to the airport on time.....

 In conclusion.....Given the time we had was limited it was an action packed time. ... The guides were good and were keen to ensure we saw what we needed to. I congratulate you on your choice of accommodation. I was charmed by all of them their furnishings the large beds and the services received. We ate vegetarian food throughout; loved it. Garry ran daily once we got to Jaipur and met interesting runners along the way. The highways I have yet to find the words to best describe them. .. the people always helpful.

  India is a fantastic country we can't get it out of our minds. We will both recommend India and you to our friends or any others looking to plan a trip to India. All the very best, our lives have been enriched by our visit

Lynn and Garry
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