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Rajasthan adventure tour - walking with Nature

Great Rajasthan trekking from Adventure Quests

Welcome to the Adventure Quests plans for a Rajasthan adventure tour with trekking in Rajasthan as the main adventure activity in your India adventure travel.

The Rajasthan trekking referred below is in three very carefully chosen areas, as a Rajasthan trek is an enjoyable hike of its own kind. These regions offer excellent Rajasthan trekking value to exhilarate and give joy. You will be able to walk into Rajasthan's few hills and visit some of Rajasthan's far removed tribal folk. The areas are amidst and around the hills of Rajasthan, full of beauty and wild life. During the treks we normally camp out and blend with nature, sharing its beauty.

Additionally the trip can include a road safari or a horse or camel safari and the tour can expand beyond adventure to visiting some of Rajasthan's heritage towns.
10 exciting days in each region trekking and if desirous, riding.    Combine with biking if so desired.

Godwar Circuit. We arrive at Jodhpur by train or air from Delhi or    Mumbai and take a two day road safari through a wild life sanctuary and    the Thar desert area, ending at Jalore. Near Jalore we can spend two or    three days on an exciting horse safari, riding the great Marwari horses. Five    to seven days of enticing treks can be undertaken in the hills and plains    south of Jalore, climbing through the lower hills and amazing desert ravines    and finally ending our climbs at Mount Abu. A well earned halt at Mount    Abu and we catch the connecting super-fast or other luxury trains from    Abu Road to Delhi/Mumbai.

Mewar – Aravalli Circuit. We arrive at Udaipur by train/air/road from    Delhi or Mumbai. We spend a day and a half sightseeing at Udaipur and in    the afternoon of the second day reach Ranakpur Temple from where we    commence a five day trek in the Aravallis. This can be followed by two    days of super horse rides around the Desuri – Kotdi area and we move    by road to Jodhpur to take the train/flight to Delhi or Mumbai.
Marwar - Aravalli Circuit. We arrive at Jodhpur by train or air from    Delhi or Mumbai. We move straight to Narlai where can spend a day or    two in riding in the area on the great Marwari horse, a superb Indian breed.    We then move to Jojawar by road and in the afternoon commence our    trek through the Aravallis which we criss-cross a couple of times, very    briefly entering Mewar and then returning back to the Marwar circuit. Up to    seven days of trekking in and along the hills can follow. At the end we    move by road to Jodhpur where we spend a day and a half and then take    the train or flight to Delhi or Mumbai.


Trekking in Rajasthan is one way to have a great India adventure holiday. As mentioned above you can add depth to the adventure and enhance the Rajasthan adventure tour experience by combining it with a Rajasthan horse safari or a Rajasthan camel safari, preferably both as each animal lends its own unique character to any Rajasthan adventure. Adventure Quests looks forward to hearing from you about your Rajasthan adventure tour plans so that we can support you all the way in making this India adventure travel memorable and fun.
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